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Title: Don't try this at home
Type: review
Date: June 15th, 2003

I made the foolish mistake of emulating J&B's behaviour in this episode.
To this day, the smell of raw garlic still makes my stomach feel full of fiery holes.
I haven't seen this episode in a long time, so I'm wondering whether Woody's breakdown was because of B's barrage of questions or the fact that B had been chewing raw garlic all day.

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Woody Burton, State Representative
We interviewed Representative Woody Burton in his home in Greenwood, Indiana. He was sponsoring a bill to impose a mandatory minimum sentence on people having sex in parks. We thought that was horseshit.

XY can't handle the raw power of garlic. "Spit or swallow? ... In this case, ladies, I recommend spittin'. Who cares if he breaks up with you?"

B chomps down on a fresh, juicy bud of raw garlic.

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Created: June 15th, 2003
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