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Title: What Mortals These Fools Be!
Type: production note
Date: March 3rd, 2003

I edited ROX #89 out of sequence. We had finished ROX #87, but were still shooting for episode ROX #88. I was itching to edit another TV show, so I got started on #89 and finished it before working on #88.

Like “Mish-Mosh Revisited” (ROX #39), this is one of those shows that was made up entirely in post-production. We didn't conceive of “In Praise of Folly” ahead of time. I just stitched together some of the sillier moments from the video I had on hand, material that didn't seem as though it would fit into any other episode concept we had planned.

It was easy to do. This show flew together, and I enjoyed editing it. That's a stark contrast to episodes 87 & 88, which were long and painful to create.

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Created: March 3rd, 2003
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