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Please. Send us money. The more, the better.

Being the jaded young pragmatists that we are, we're really only looking to cover our costs. We've blown $900 on a new video camera; $1000 on a new computer for editing video; hundreds of bucks on blank tapes and postage; thousands of dollars on booze for J's mixological experimentation; and then there's this guy who comes around with this really kind herb, but it's damn expensive... Okay, so we hope to cover SOME of our costs.

This may look like some kind of weird on-line panhandling. In truth, it is. But the great part is, even if you give us nothing, we'll still make this show, and you can still watch it for free. We're stupid that way.

You can use either of the buttons below to send us some monetary love. PayPal is great if you have a PayPal account; if not, we recommend you get one, cuz they're really convenient for buying things on-line. If you don't do PayPal but you do have an Amazon account, you can still make a donation, but Amazon does take a cut.

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